The Essence of the School of Positive Transformation

  • Unlocking Potential

    Inviting individuals and organizations to fulfil their fullest potential through positive psychology. Topics such as mindfulness, resilience and strengths are harnessed to create a sustainable positive change.

  • Courses and Trainings

    The School of Positive Transformation is offering individuals and organizations practical tools, courses, and trainings, that are simple, effective and inspiring.

  • Research-Based Approach

    Our work is unique as we implement contemporary scientific research to build creative, original and impactful wellbeing courses and trainings. Everything we provide is research-based.

  • School Director

    Dr Itai Ivtzan is the director and founder of the School of Positive Transformation and its senior trainer. He is a positive psychologist and a mindfulness teacher and researcher at Naropa University. Itai believes that positive psychology is magical because it has the power to fill our lives with meaning, resilience, and joy. His approach is entirely research-based, making it well-grounded and applicable. Over the past 20 years, Itai has run positive psychology and mindfulness training courses, seminars, lectures, workshops and retreats around the world. He is a leading expert in positive psychology, written five books, and a regular keynote speaker at conferences. Most importantly, Itai loves creating transformational courses to provide you with a platform into positive change.

    Dr Itai Ivtzan

    Director & Founder

    Dr Itai Ivtzan