School of Positive Transformation

Positive Transformation in Action

Dr Itai Ivtzan
$440.00 USD

Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training

Become a Certified Meditation Teacher: A Scientific-Based Course

Dr Itai Ivtzan
$130.00 USD

Mindfulness Based Flourishing

The Positive Mindfulness Program is a joyful meditation journey that will transform your experience of life

Dr Itai Ivtzan
$130.00 USD

Programa De Mindfulness Positivo

El Programa de Mindfulness Positivo es un agradable recorrido por la meditación que transformará tu manera de experimentar la vida

Dr Kate Hefferon and Dr Itai Ivtzan
$160.00 USD

Empower: Resilience & Wellbeing Program

Positive Growth with Life's Challenges: Research-Based Exercises