Empower: Resilience & Wellbeing Program

Positive Growth with Life's Challenges: Research-Based Exercises | taught by Dr Itai Ivtzan and Dr Kate Hefferon
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Dr Itai Ivtzan and Dr Kate Hefferon
Dr Itai Ivtzan and Dr Kate Hefferon
Senior Instructors

About the Instructor

Dr Itai Ivtzan is a positive psychology professor and a teacher of mindfulness meditation. He is passionate about the combination of psychology and spirituality. He is convinced that, if we befriend both psychology and spirituality, and succeed in introducing them into our lives, we will all become superheroes, and gain super-strengths of awareness, courage, resilience, and compassion. Isn’t this an amazing prospect? Itai is confident that mindfulness meditation has the power to change individuals – in fact, whole societies – for the better. Accordingly, he has been investing much time in writing books about it, teaching it, and training mindfulness teachers. For Dr Ivtzan's website Click Here.

Dr. Kate Hefferon is a researcher in the  area of resilience and posttraumatic growth. She is passionate about  understanding how individuals experience, bounce back from and sometimes  thrive following life’s challenges. This project is the culmination of  many years of research and engagement with different populations, from  people struggling with the hassles of everyday life to more  out-of-the-blue life changing traumatic events. Thus, EMPOWER moves from  aiming to simply understand human resilience to empowering people with  evidence-based tools they can use when and where they deem necessary.  For Dr Hefferon's website Click Here.

Recommended for everyone who is interested in learning evidence-based tools to help cope with and build resilience to everyday stressors, as well as more challenging life circumstances. This 9-session program combines research within the field of coping, resilience and transformational growth following adversity. Preliminary exploratory research shows that engaging in the programme was perceived to have a positive impact on participant’s lives, including providing them with useful tools to increase resilience and positive change.

Session 1: Managing Emotions

Session 2: Coping

Session 3: Social Resources

Session 4: Get Moving

Session 5: Seeing Clearly

Session 6: Mindfulness Meditation

Session 7: Changing the Story

Session 8: Meaning

Session 9: Moving Forward


Who is it for?

"Empower" is an E-Management program of wellbeing and resilience. The course is for anyone interested in enhancing his or her coping, resilience and overall wellbeing. Preliminary exploratory research shows that engaging in the program was perceived to have a positive impact on participant’s lives, including providing them with useful tools for life.

How does it work?

As part of the program, for each of the 9 sessions, you will have access to:

  • A video which describes the background and goals of the session.
  • Daily activity which allows you to implement the tools into your everyday life.

The video and daily activity are different for each session, according to the session’s topic.

The average time of the videos and activity is 10 minutes each.

Where and how can I watch the videos and listen to the meditations?

The videos and daily activities are available online. You can view and listen to the videos as many times as you wish. In addition, the daily activities are downloadable.

Can I go back to a session I completed?

Yes, when you completed a certain session you can still go back to it.

How much time should I spend with each session?

Once you join you will have access to session 1. Every 5 days another session will be released (session 2 in 5 days, session 3 in 10 days, session 4 in 15 days, etc.) so that you will have full access to the entire program in 45 days. This will maximise the program’s potential by giving you time to experience each session in-depth and enjoy its benefits.

How long would I have access to the program?

You will have access to the program for 12 months – plenty of time to enjoy its benefits. You can also download the activities onto your own device, which gives you the option to engage with the programme for as long as you wish.

What about a completion certificate?

Once you complete all sessions and practices of the EMPOWER program you will receive a completion certificate.

Course Contents

11 Videos
17 Surveys
15 Texts
15 PDFs
2 Audios

Course Curriculum