Who is it for?

The Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training Certificate enables individuals to become qualified meditation instructors. It is a highly practical course that has been designed to offer you the knowledge and experience you need to be a competent teacher of meditation. The course is ideal for individuals already practicing meditation or another yogic discipline, qualified yoga and pilates teachers, alternative therapists, life coaches, health professionals, counselors, and others who want to expand their practice or career to include meditation teaching, theory, and methods. Many people join the training course, even though they do not intend to teach, but simply to deepen their practice and knowledge of meditation. This course would enable you to obtain a solid foundation of daily practice so that you could enjoy the many benefits of meditation.
Who is it for?

Training Materials and Support

Scientific-based, filled with practice and activities

  • Training Materials

    The training course includes 40+ videos, 30+ evidence-based guided meditation scripts, 30+ exercises and activities, and downloadable audio meditations, handouts, and worksheets. These materials are divided into 30 teaching sessions, each session incorporates videos, exercises, and meditation practice. The sessions make a comprehensive course (see full curriculum below) and would offer you all that you need to deliver inspiring and responsible meditation sessions.

  • Online Group
    & Email Support

    In addition to the comprehensive materials, the course also has its own Facebook group, only for students and graduates of the training. As part of the group, you will be able to ask questions, share meditation techniques, and discuss challenges or insights you had as part of your meditation practice and teaching. Finally, you have free access to a mindfulness teacher, via emails, to discuss any question you might have.

  • Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Certificate

    The Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training has been internationally approved and validated by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association). Once you have completed the training you will receive a formal certificate indicating you are a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher.

Training Curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome Session
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    • Welcome Video (Video 1)
  • 02
    Session 1: Intention Setting
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    • Exercises - Instructions
    • Intention Setting (Exercise 1)
    • Intention Meditation (Audio 1)
  • 03
    Session 2: What is Meditation?
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    • What is Meditation? (Exercise 2)
    • Wandering Mind (Video 2)
    • Definition of Meditation (Video 3)
    • Defining Meditation (Handout 1)
  • 04
    Session 3: Meditation Techniques
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    • Breathing Meditation (Audio 2)
    • Breathing Meditation - With Music (Audio 3)
    • With or Without Music? (Exercise 3)
    • Meditation Techniques (Exercise 4)
    • Meditation Techniques (Video 4)
  • 05
    Session 4: Teaching Breathing Meditation
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    • Teaching 1 - Breathing Meditation (Video 5)
    • Contact form - Collaborating with other students
    • Breathing Meditation Script (Handout 2)
    • Teaching Experience - Breathing Meditation (Exercise 5)
  • 06
    Session 5: Challenges in Meditation 1
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    • Facebook Group
    • What are Challenges in Meditation? (Video 6)
    • Challenges in Meditation 1 (Exercise 6)
    • Challenges in Meditation 1 (Video 7)
  • 07
    Session 6: Meditation in Movement
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    • Walking Meditation (Video 8)
    • Walking Meditation (Audio 4)
    • Walking Meditation (Handout 3)
    • Mindful Walking Challenge (Exercise 7)
  • 08
    Session 7: Reactive vs. non-reactive way of being
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    • Reactive vs Non-Reactive Way of Being (Video 9)
    • Practice - Reactive vs Non-Reactive Way of Being (Video 10)
    • Meditative Listening Challenge (Exercise 8)
    • Meditative Listening Challenge (Exercise 8)
  • 09
    Session 8: Authentic Self
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    • Authentic Self (Video 11)
    • Loving-Kindness Meditation (Audio 5)
  • 10
    Session 9: Opening and Closing Sessions
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    • Opening and Closing Meditation Session (Video 12)
    • Instructions - Opening and Closing Meditation Session (Handout 4)
  • 11
    Session 10: Teaching Loving-Kindness Meditation
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    • Teaching 2 - Loving Kindness Meditation (Video 13)
    • Loving Kindness Meditation Script (Handout 5)
    • Teaching Experience - Loving Kindness Meditation (Exercise 9)
  • 12
    Session 11: Taking a Meditative Break
    Show details
    • Emotional Cognitive Overload (Video 14)
    • Understanding the 1-Minute Meditation (Video 15)